Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Copyright Issue...Again

Hi guys, 

I am finally done with all my Christmas orders that needed to be mailed...Woohoo!!!! I always get excited when the last package is shipped off and cross my fingers that the buyer will like my creations. 

There really hasn't been much else going on aside from Christmas orders and wrapping a million presents for my friends and family so let's get right to it. 

Once again I've been approached regarding one of my items on Etsy...(Sigh) I know we are tired of hearing the same old story about Copyright as well as the accusations, intimidation tactics and other shenanigans some of the online community feels compelled to use. I understand the need to protect your creative genius as well as your business. But there comes a point when you just have to sit down and think to yourself did this person just really called me a thief?...(gasp). 

It really is shameful that we feel compelled to attack one another when in fact we should be promoting handmade goods as well as small businesses so that we can ALL succeed. So from now on I'll like to make myself clear and state that any further observations/complaints/threats/passive aggressive statements will not be addressed. 

Also, to clarify for those of you who are doubtful if I use a pattern from another source other than my own I will ALWAYS give credit to the designer, whether they have a "clause of doom" or not they deserve the exposure as well as the possible business that might come from it. Now I could be persuaded to say that the pattern is not my own and simply don't give credit to designer if I am upset enough by baseless claims and accusations. 

I envy people who have the time to pour over every Etsy shop, blog, and crochet website available to see what the competition looks like. I know my worth and the quality of my work, as I also know that there are people who are more talented and will have better quality work than I do. Therefore, I'm not interested in scrutinizing other designers/sellers or much less dealing with any type of issues that arise from Copyright drama, I am familiar with the law and do not need to be reminded of it. Let's leave it at that. 

For those of you who are interested there is a Ravelry group called Copyright Matters where there are several resources available in case you want to familiarize yourself with this issue. 

My venting is officially over, if I don't get back before the Holidays please remember to take this time of the year to cherish your loved ones, let's be thankful for all we are and all we have as we never know what tomorrow might bring. 

Happy Holidays! 


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Gift Giving Projects!!!!

I know my blogging it's getting really spotty lately, but hey the Holiday season is right around the corner! 

I hope all of you guys had a great Thanksgiving weekend, mine was awesome, I ate until I couldn't breathe anymore! Since I can't cook to save my life having family down here cooking all day was fabulous!!!

Let's gather up and review what I've been up to (other than eating): 

- I am teaching one of my co-workers to crochet and am proud to present to you her first finished project...

It is a very simple cowl done with super bulky yarn and tied together with a bow made out of chains. This is the perfect Holiday present! It took her a couple of hours to complete and she used a skein of Lion Brand yarn bought on clearance for $1.97...Hello? Grab your needles and get started!!!

- Now for my own Holiday presents, I have a Hello Kitty love r in the family and Liz from Crochet in Color has a great pattern! 

It took no time to complete it once I stopped being lazy and actually worked on it, plus I only spend $2.99 on the white yarn and $0.29 cents on a felt sheet for the eyes...That's right everything else was made with scrap yarn!

Please note that this is an adult size hat so I had to modify Liz's instructions to fit a larger head...haha

- My boss's wife found a pair of fingerless mittens online and placed an order for 3 pairs (gray, pink and red/orange). Here is the sample she sent me: 

Here is what I came up with...

I couldn't find a pattern for them so I just made one up, it'll be posted eventually...But in the interim I will be listing them on Etsy for $19 a pair if anyone is interested. Oh and the other two pairs haven't been finished yet so I need to get cracking so that they'll be done before Christmas. 

- Last but not least my cousin pointed out that the newest addition to our crazy family needs a pair of this guys...

I think he might get them before his first birthday but I might manage them for Christmas...Who am I kidding? I'll never finish anything if I don't get off of Pinterest and Ravelry, I swear every time I start browsing there is 10 more things I NEED to make! 

What are you guys working on for the Holidays? 

Happy Crocheting!!!!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Orders and More Orders

Hi guys, 

It's been crazy around here! I have a lot of orders that I'm working on and not enough free time to complete them... =(

But I just had a fabulous birthday weekend with friends, family and my wonderful boyfriend.  

Here is a picture of my cake...

 Another one...

We had such an awesome time! And of course that was the best Chanel purse I've ever tasted. 

Also, I just completed my second order for a purple clutch, which should be posted on Etsy eventually. I'm a slacker I know...but eventually it'll get better...I hope. 

I have another purple one to complete for a customer and then maybe a couple of other colors for Christmas presents. 

My boss's wife just put in an order for 3 pairs of mittens to be done before Christmas so those are next in order. 

 I just bought yarn to complete a chunky lap blanket for a Christmas present that I want to make so if all goes well my projects can all be completed. Wish me luck! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Successful Show!

Galleria Craft Fair Booth
 The craft show was a lot of fun! We were there all day so by the time I got home yesterday...beyond exhausted doesn't even begin to cover it!

We did some pretty steady business even though the organizers were surprised that there wasn't as many people as they had expected with the weather being bad and all. 

A lot of business cards were handed out, custom orders placed and we got yet another invitation for a show in the area, it's in a couple of weeks so there might not be any spots left but we'll see what happens. There is a show in Chapel Hill, NC the second week of December that we have to submit an application for but once again things are crazy at work so hopefully we can make it. 

My friend Steph and I also got a lot of requests for crochet lessons or just to form a crochet group of some sort...We've been thinking about it for a while so once my day job slows down we'll work something out!

If you live in the area and want to help form a crochet group or already have one of your own in need of more members please let me know! 

I'm going to be busy working on some designs that people asked for at the show so once a few things are finished I'll be sure to take some pictures. 

I leave you with a couple more pictures of our booth...Happy crafting!

I want that red tutu you see in the background...=)

Messy table, no time to stop and refold between customers...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Galleria Craft Fair- Oct 27th

Hi guys,

My friend Stephanie and I will be attending The Galleria Craft Fair this coming Saturday October 27th from 9 AM to 5 PM at Ignatius Hall in St. Raphael's Catholic Church located at 5801 Falls of the Neuse Rd, Raleigh, NC. 

There are going to be tons of vendors of various handmade items so please take an opportunity to stop by and support our local artists. 

I'll be sure to post pictures of our booth as well as other participating vendors. 

On another note the yarn crawl was really fun! I could only go to one of the nine participating stores but I got a really good deal on fun fur and delicious smelling yarn soap. 

My local yarn store Yarn Tree Studio had a great turn out! The store was buzzing with fellow yarn lovers participating on the crawl, it was really exciting to see our yarn community come out to support local craft stores. Hopefully, next year I can plan better so that I can visit more stores. 

I will see you guys this Saturday, if you are in the triangle area please come check us out! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Triangle Area Yarn Crawl

Hi Guys,

I'm really excited, I got an email from my local yarn store this morning Yarn Tree Studio inviting me to a yarn crawl here in the triangle area! I don't find much time to visit the ladies at YTS but anytime you walk through the door you'll feel like part of the gang. Pay them a visit and see for yourself!

If you are in the area and have a few hours to spare go sign up for the Triangle Yarn Crawl and support our local yarn stores. I am so excited to visit other local yarn stores and meet fellow crocheters or knitters in the area. My yarn crawl passport is printed and ready to go, now all I need is a plan of action and plenty of energy to bounce all over town looking for the best deals. 

Also, remember that tomorrow is I Love Yarn Day! Which seems to be really popular with a lot of retailers who are offering a lot coupons and sales for us yarn lovers. So if tomorrow is pay day for you I recommend you set aside your yarn budget for the weekend before doing anything else, because I assure you it'll be worth it. 

Oh and let's not forget that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so let's show our support by wearing pink, and creating gorgeous pink crocheted and/or knitted items. Feel free to post pictures of your pink projects as well as any pictures of yarn crawls you attend this month. 

Happy crocheting/knitting!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Winter is Coming!

Winter is in the air! It's time to cuddle up in your couch with a blanket, hot chocolate and your favorite yarn and needles. Personally, I can't wait to start wearing hats and scarves everyday of the week. 

I've just finished two projects perfect for this type of leisure activities with yarns that I simply didn't know what to do with, lucky me the final products are extremely wearable and most important comfy. 

My first inspiration came from All About Ami and her Knotted Headband

© Stephanie Jessica Lau

I've made my own version of it with Mustard colored left over yarn I found in my stash a few weeks ago

I loved how it turned out! My Next project is a pair of crocheted slippers made with Charisma yarn, the color is called "Mountain Majesty" which is kind of estrange but it reminded of fall. 

Here's another picture...

Alright time to go put my slippers on and go back to my blanket, I'm having separation anxiety. =)