Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome to My First Blog Post Ever!

Hello Friends! I've never written a blog before and since I am a strong believer in the common saying "practice makes perfect" I've decided to just write whatever crazy ideas pop into my mind until I figure out how to go about this...
Since my brain forces me to be a nerd sometimes I had to to do some research (ahem read about a hundred different blog post) and figure out the million dollar question: What the heck to write about? Obviously THAT didn't happen so I hope y'all don't mind my jabbering about nothing in particular...Well wait I actually just found a really awesome book called Crafty Superstar by Grace Dobush and let me tell you this thing it's like the crafter's bible. This book is simply FABULOUS!!!! It had everything and anything that you need to know in order to become a craft master while still enjoying the process of creating your pieces and taking the world by storm with your creativity...well the last one is part of my master plan to dominate the world one day but that will be for another post but heck to the yeah on the first two things!
If anyone has read this book please share the wealth with all of your crafty friends! Also, be sure to check out my Etsy shop sometime, there is some pretty awesome things in there! And not only because I made them but because you can get a 15% off extra coupon(Coupon Code: ILOVESHOPPING1) if you do! Oooooh and don't forget to join the We All Belong group where obviously anyone who has a creative mind can join and the people there are pretty supportive of each other and just basically awesome so let's help each other out and promote creativity!!!!
I've been told my sense of humor is dark and twisted so I do apologize if some of my jokes/comments/ideas are somewhat harsh and irrational but I promise you it was meant to be funny...=)
Well it seems I ran out of random ideas to put in here soooooooo I gotta stop talking now! Y'all enjoy the rest of the Holiday season and thanks for stopping by...=)


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