Thursday, July 26, 2012

Designer Crochet

While browsing the web we've found several high end designers who have included crochet pieces in their collections. Yes we know, Michael Kors doesn't really sit around on his spare time with yarn and hook and whips out every one of his fabulous creations but who says we can't?

Take a look at this fabulous cotton-blend Michael Kors Poncho-Dress from his Spring 2012 collection that is currently sold out...Amazing or what? Well not to worry we'll soon be working on our own version of this dress with pictures/pattern to be coming soon. 

Also, what crochet addict doesn't love Missoni? I mean they have included unique high fashion crocheted pieces in their collections over the years that fashionistas everywhere would kill to own. For instance, this Missoni Crochet-Knit Mini Dress is to die for! But who is paying $625.00 to own one? You don't have to! The moment our version is completed it will be posted to our Etsy shop. 

Well we need to get a hang of this blogging deal but hey so far it's been fun! We will leave you today with our favorite Gossip Girl Leighton Meester in a Marc Jacobs masterpiece (minus the breastplate.)

What do you think of the designs posted today? Worth a try? If you think so feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.

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