Sunday, August 26, 2012

Craft Show Update...Not Really I'd rather Knit

No updates regarding the craft show just yet, too many things happening at once so we'll see. 

I've been working on a knitted cowl for a co-worker similar to this:

I apologize in advance for the crappy picture, my camera has disappeared and I am left with my phone to take pictures of my creations, which is obviously sucky. 

                             Here is what I have so far:

Sorry another horrible picture from my Droid RAZR....(should have bought an IPhone.) I am using size US11 needles and a K1 (knit one) P1 (purl one) stitch with Homespun yarn in Baroque (2 skeins.) 

The basic concept is to make it wide enough so that you can also use it as a hood and long enough so that when you sew the ends together there is some drape to it. Right now it appears to be 20 inches wide so that should do it. 

For those of you who like me are new knitters feel free to try this pattern out. It's simple and this yarn is very forgivable so even if you miss stitches or you forgot whether your next stitch was a K1 or P1, the yarn won't give you away. 

I wouldn't recommend crocheting with this yarn as it is very fibrous and finding the stitches becomes quite difficult after a couple of rows. If you have successfully crocheted with this yarn please share your secret! In case you were wondering I'll take a better picture with natural light once the cowl is finished. 

Let me know if you have any questions, my knitting skills are very limited but I've made quite a few things with this yarn and I love the way all the colors turn out when it's knitted. 

Happy Knitting! 

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