Monday, August 20, 2012

Craft Show

Could I have possibly lost my mind? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Thankfully I can blame Grace Dobush author and crafty superstar extraordinaire. The new and improved version of The Crafty Superstar: Ultimate Craft and Business Guide has been released and as expected it is spectacular! 

A few years ago when the first edition was released I mentioned it on my "first blog ever" so recognition is due once again for this fabulous lady. Please take an opportunity to read it and be fascinated with all of the ideas, suggestions, guidance and overall support this book can provide. For those of us who love crafting and have struggled to get our businesses kick-started or just finally decided to attempt making a profit out of your creative hobbies...Our prayers have once again been answered. 

Ok enough gushing, the sole purpose of this post was to share  an idea grabbed directly from The Crafty Superstar... drum rolls please...Organizing a craft show! Yes I understand it sounds insane but what if I could get together a few of my crafty friends, get a location and promote the event all over town and social media? Sounds like a great possibility! 

Here in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area in North Carolina is hard to find a venue where crafters who are serious about their creations and would like more community exposure could sell their wares. Believe me I've attended shows all over the area and nothing really has blown me away.

The Holiday season is rapidly approaching and what better way to promote our creations than getting a variety of crafty vendors under one roof and inviting the community to come take a look? And of course check off items in their shopping lists!

There will be a lot of planning involved in this event, I don't have a venue, vendors, licenses or a set date...But slow and steady wins the race. I have some wheeling and dealing to do my friends, updates to come soon. If you've organized an event like this in your area please any and all suggestions are welcome. Also, if you are in the RTP area and the idea interests you, let's brainstorm and make this happen! 

Happy crafting friends! =)


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    1. I am so sorry Aamina! I deleted your comment attempting to read it with my phone which was a bad idea so I needed to put it back in!

      ****I would love to help in any way I can. I'm a new business owner, and I've been trying to find shows for myself. You idea sounds great. Please let me know if there's anything I can do.

      Aamina Aliyy
      Butter Love, LLC

  2. Ok I feel better so now I can reply. Thank you so much for offering to help, my partner and I have been restlessly trying to find a location for our show here in the triangle area.
    So far we've encountered a lot of denials and overpriced places which simply we cannot afford. If you live in the triangle area and know of any places please let me know!