Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Unfinished Projects Anyone?

It's been a minute since our last entry.We apologize, every crafter out there knows that sometimes life happens and half-finished projects are set aside until the wind blows over (mostly.)

So during our mini-hiatus it got us thinking about all of those unfinished projects that for some reason or another we can't seem to find the time/will/energy to complete. 

For instance, take this fabulous clutch that at first glance any avid crocheted will exclaim: "I can make that!"But not so fast, take a look at the variety of beautiful colors...See where this is going? We do! Row after row of changing yarns, choosing which color should go where and our personal favorite (not) ends to weave. Gah! Sometimes is tempting to just pay the full price to avoid the frustration (never.)

Obviously the original idea of creating a close replica was discarded after a few rows. But wait for it...wouldn't it be simpler to just make it one solid color? BINGO! Sometimes our creativity can show signs of brilliance.

(Taking pictures is not really out thing but you get the idea)

So for all of those unfinished projects discarded to the bottom of your stash, wouldn't it be nice to bring them back to life by finding a way to complete them? Of course! No more excuses, no more discarded projects (including ours.) Look through your projects and select the most hopeless case scenario, send us a picture of what you actually have so far, a little background as to why the project was set aside and we can help you figure it out. 

Steph and I spend countless hours discussing everything from incorrect patterns, yarns we ran out of, unfinished projects among many other crochet related issues. We love it! Having a fresh pair of eyes on those frustrating items can sometimes be immensely helpful.  

There might not be enough time in the day to spend some quality time with our hooks and yarns but thankfully there is always plenty of ideas available once a crochet crisis arises. Let us know if we can help!

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