Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shout Out to a Fellow Crocheter

Hello my pretties,

I hope all is well. I've managed to finally sit down with a few minutes to write. So let's catch up on what I've been up to within the past few weeks. 

There are a lot of things happening, my craft show idea is still in the works so we'll see what comes out of that. Also, we've been invited to a show happening on October 27th from 9am to 5pm so I have a lot of inventory to produce. In addition, the cowl that I finished for my coworker turned out fabulous! The proud owner will send me a picture soon so I can post it. I was on a deadline so my apologies for not taking a picture of the finished product.  

Now that I brought you up to date we can go over the reason of this post. I came across a fellow crocheter on Pinterest who has been getting a lot of well deserved publicity for her patterns and I felt it was my due to give Crochet in Color a shot out for the amazing work and creativity put into all of her designs. 

Don't believe me? Just enter "ombre basket" in your Pinterest search and you'll have your answer. 

Her instructions on this basket are fairly simple and the final product just looks flawless! Now I would love to make this with some earth tones or maybe different hues of blue so we'll see how much time and energy I can come up with. More importantly, the designer is a local North Carolinian and a super nice lady who enjoys her craft and has no realms regarding sharing her vast knowledge with the rest of us. 

Take an opportunity to visit her blog and I'm sure you'll fall in love with a pattern or two, or three or four...

It was once again a pleasure, I will try my hardest to come back more often. =)

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