Sunday, October 28, 2012

Successful Show!

Galleria Craft Fair Booth
 The craft show was a lot of fun! We were there all day so by the time I got home yesterday...beyond exhausted doesn't even begin to cover it!

We did some pretty steady business even though the organizers were surprised that there wasn't as many people as they had expected with the weather being bad and all. 

A lot of business cards were handed out, custom orders placed and we got yet another invitation for a show in the area, it's in a couple of weeks so there might not be any spots left but we'll see what happens. There is a show in Chapel Hill, NC the second week of December that we have to submit an application for but once again things are crazy at work so hopefully we can make it. 

My friend Steph and I also got a lot of requests for crochet lessons or just to form a crochet group of some sort...We've been thinking about it for a while so once my day job slows down we'll work something out!

If you live in the area and want to help form a crochet group or already have one of your own in need of more members please let me know! 

I'm going to be busy working on some designs that people asked for at the show so once a few things are finished I'll be sure to take some pictures. 

I leave you with a couple more pictures of our booth...Happy crafting!

I want that red tutu you see in the background...=)

Messy table, no time to stop and refold between customers...


  1. Definitely interested in a crochet group :) - Rachel

  2. Hey Rachel! What do you think of either this Sunday Nov 4th or the weekend after Veteran's day which I think is the 17th and 18th somewhere in Brier Creek?