Friday, November 16, 2012

Orders and More Orders

Hi guys, 

It's been crazy around here! I have a lot of orders that I'm working on and not enough free time to complete them... =(

But I just had a fabulous birthday weekend with friends, family and my wonderful boyfriend.  

Here is a picture of my cake...

 Another one...

We had such an awesome time! And of course that was the best Chanel purse I've ever tasted. 

Also, I just completed my second order for a purple clutch, which should be posted on Etsy eventually. I'm a slacker I know...but eventually it'll get better...I hope. 

I have another purple one to complete for a customer and then maybe a couple of other colors for Christmas presents. 

My boss's wife just put in an order for 3 pairs of mittens to be done before Christmas so those are next in order. 

 I just bought yarn to complete a chunky lap blanket for a Christmas present that I want to make so if all goes well my projects can all be completed. Wish me luck! 

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