Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Gift Giving Projects!!!!

I know my blogging it's getting really spotty lately, but hey the Holiday season is right around the corner! 

I hope all of you guys had a great Thanksgiving weekend, mine was awesome, I ate until I couldn't breathe anymore! Since I can't cook to save my life having family down here cooking all day was fabulous!!!

Let's gather up and review what I've been up to (other than eating): 

- I am teaching one of my co-workers to crochet and am proud to present to you her first finished project...

It is a very simple cowl done with super bulky yarn and tied together with a bow made out of chains. This is the perfect Holiday present! It took her a couple of hours to complete and she used a skein of Lion Brand yarn bought on clearance for $1.97...Hello? Grab your needles and get started!!!

- Now for my own Holiday presents, I have a Hello Kitty love r in the family and Liz from Crochet in Color has a great pattern! 

It took no time to complete it once I stopped being lazy and actually worked on it, plus I only spend $2.99 on the white yarn and $0.29 cents on a felt sheet for the eyes...That's right everything else was made with scrap yarn!

Please note that this is an adult size hat so I had to modify Liz's instructions to fit a larger head...haha

- My boss's wife found a pair of fingerless mittens online and placed an order for 3 pairs (gray, pink and red/orange). Here is the sample she sent me: 

Here is what I came up with...

I couldn't find a pattern for them so I just made one up, it'll be posted eventually...But in the interim I will be listing them on Etsy for $19 a pair if anyone is interested. Oh and the other two pairs haven't been finished yet so I need to get cracking so that they'll be done before Christmas. 

- Last but not least my cousin pointed out that the newest addition to our crazy family needs a pair of this guys...

I think he might get them before his first birthday but I might manage them for Christmas...Who am I kidding? I'll never finish anything if I don't get off of Pinterest and Ravelry, I swear every time I start browsing there is 10 more things I NEED to make! 

What are you guys working on for the Holidays? 

Happy Crocheting!!!!


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